- A Biogas Revolution -

650 million Africans have yet to turn on a light.

But you can change this. Join us in rewriting the story of poverty and help us launch a biogas revolution across East Africa.

Did you know...

  • Wood and charcoal are the primary fuels for cooking, heating and lighting, causing Africa to have the highest rate of deforestation in the world?
  • Smoke-induced diseases are responsible for the death of 4.3 million people every year—more deaths than caused by malaria or tuberculosis—making it one of the most lethal environmental health risks worldwide?
  • Women and young children are most affected by these dangers?

Local Social Innovators + Loom have partnered to launch a clean energy revolution through biogas.Together with social innovators like Sam and Francis, we envision a world where children are healthy, women are safe, and jobs provide sustainable income to lift families out of the cycle of poverty.

Together, we’re working to build sustainable, thriving communities for the benefit of every vulnerable family.

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